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What to expect in schedule? BNA

Explorer C

What to expect?

Hi yall! I interviewed with Southwest to be a ramp agent at Nashville airport and I have a second 'interview' introduction to job on Thursday March 14th. I'm having second thoughts about the job. not because I won't enjoy it but because I know I am out of shape and i'm stressed of what the hours are like. Can some of you who've been doing it for a while shed some light and help me come to a decision? Like what's the day-to-day entail (ballpark). I know safety is #1. I know I can do this job i'm just worried cuz l worked at UPS before moving to Nashville and I messed my shoulder up there and don't wanna mess it up at SW! I was also offered a different job at a daycare and idk i’ve been weighing out the pros and cons and the only con I have at SW is scheduling everything else is pro.