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A-List same day change for entire reservation

Explorer C

If I have multiple people on my reservation, and do a same day confirmed change (I am a-list), will I be able to make that change for all pax on my itinerary?


Re: A-List same day change for entire reservation

Aviator A

The other passengers would need to pay the fare difference only the A List passengers get the same day confirmed. 

My way around this is buy WGA+ for the other passengers that way at midnight you can make the change for everyone without any cost difference 


if you wait they can do free standby on earlier flights but seats would need to exist on the flight and inventory changes a lot same day 

Re: A-List same day change for entire reservation

Frequent Flyer C

In additional to the prior post about the other passengers can't do a same day change unless they are IWG+, I had an issue with being able to use the SW app for standby when I had a companion fare on my reservation. With the two of us, it would not let me select standby.  I do not know if this is the case for paid fares on a single reservation but it was for Companion fare.  In addition I am a A-preferred I wanted to get on a later flight that did not have a same day change available and they said we had to get on standby at the airport.  Well of course by then, the standby list is full because everyone else can get added via the app and it is first come first serve.  Southwest does not handle single reservations with multiple people very well, there are many downsides. I don't know if anyone else has had experience trying to put multiple people on standby under a single reservation, but if planning to change, and haven't already purchased the tickets, you may want to consider each getting their own reservation.