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Ability to Change Flights to a later date due to the coronavirus

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My husband and I planned to travel in September 2019, but due to an expected death in our immedicate family, we cancelled our vacation.  We were able to receive airline travel credits so we booked our flights to travel to LasVegas this April.   Now with the travel restrictions and due to our age being at risk, we want to cancel.  We will lose $921 if we don't get on the plane.    I tried calling Southwest, but there is a 120 minute hold time.  I am not asking for a refund, but an extenstion on the travel credits we have. When you are seniors $921 is a lot on money to lose.  Hopefully, Southwest will take a position to make exceptions during this Global crisis.  


Re: Ability to Change Flights to a later date due to the coronavirus

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I did call into Southwest and stayed on hold for just one one hour to cancel my flights that I was using to attend the NCAA Women's College World Series in late May.  This was the a special trip for my daughter and myself and when the NCAA cancelled it left me with no other choice.  I fully intend to go to the World Series next year which does not have definite dates set, but will be around the same time at the end of May 2021.  However, I was told my the Southwest rep that there would be a penalty if I did not use the funds to travel by March 6, 2021.


I have written a subsequent complaint to Southwest, but I believe it is too soon for a reply.  Clearly,. I do not believe that they have taken this situation under serious condition given their most recent communications about cleaning the planes and always having the funds available if you need to cancel.


People need to take notice that their view on available funds is not  accurate.

Re: Ability to Change Flights to a later date due to the coronavirus

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If you would like Southwest to look at your case I would reach out though one of these methods: Submitting a Suggestion and/or Complaint 


I know with the extending funds on a case by case basis they will issue a luv voucher for the travel fund once it is expired butt they will take $100 so if each of you have a $450 fund they would possibly issue you a voucher for $350 valid for 6 months again no guarantees as its on a case by case basis after the travel funds expire. 


Another thought is wait to cancel and hope that on the day of travel Southwest cancels the flight or has a long delay then you could have a better chance at a refund. 



Re: Ability to Change Flights to a later date due to the coronavirus

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@CindyRD I would send Southwest a written letter explaining the situation and your request.  Most of us here are other customers so I don't know if it will work though it can't hurt.  Click "Contact Us" to get their mailing address.


I'm really sorry to read about everything you wrote 😞

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