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Baby wearing on the plane

Explorer C

New to flying with a baby.  Are we able to baby wear while on the plane?  We have the Ergo Omni Baby Carrier 


Re: Baby wearing on the plane

Aviator A

I am not sure if there is an official rule on this, but I'll tell you our experience...


We would always "wear" the baby during boarding, and after we were seated, we would take the baby out. So, the short answer is -- yes you can, and it is super convenient too!


Just know that if the flight crew directs you to take the baby out of the carrier for any reason, you must comply.  I feel confident that you would not be asked to do so, but you should be prepared for this.


We have personally found that once you sit down, it is more comfortable to remove the baby anyway.  But the carriers are clutch for navigating the airport, boarding, etc!


You can find out more about flying with families here and specifically with babies here.  We have always had great experiences flying with our girls, but we prepare heavily. Kudos for doing your work to prepare as well!


Happy flying.


-A List, Companion Pass holder