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Case #66191711

Explorer C

I am requesting flight credit for a flight cancelled in 2019;  Confirmation # PIJQ3J


Re: Case #66191711

Aviator A

This is a customer to customer community, you will need to contact Southwest directly for assistance.  Use the contact us link below and send a message.


You will want to specify if you cancelled the flight or if Southwest cancelled the flight.  If you cancelled the flight you were most likely given travel funds which have now expired and are well past the point of being available to you.  You may also want to provide some information about why you have waited 4 years to request the credit.



Re: Case #66191711

Explorer B

You need to contact the airline directly to request flight credit for your cancelled flight. Provide them with your confirmation number and they will assist you further.

Re: Case #66191711

Aviator A

Since this is a public forum you might edit your post to remove your confirmation number