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Why isn’t there an email address for Customer Service.  It is 16 July 2018 and I paid extra $ to get on flight 1555. Oops. Flight. Was late from Phoenix after we finally board the plane did not push back waiting for passengers. Storms moved in and I have been on the plane for two hours. 


My problem is 2 years ago I was flying from RDU through BWI to CMH and the origination flight was delayed. I was assured that the Columbus flight would be held. It was not and the gate agent acted offended that I would even suggest it. 


Now it is 6:30 and the last passenger just boarded , the door is closed and maybe the plane will push back?


This situation is not good!


Re: Customer Service

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I realize that delays can be frustrating, but surely you understand that no airline is going to depart during thunderstorms? From looking at the radar, the storms have just cleared BWI in the last forty-five minutes, so getting the flight out of the gate at 6:33pm was actually pretty impressive on Southwest's part.

Southwest probably let late passengers board because the flight wasn't going anywhere due to the impending storm (it's likely that Air Traffic Control had already put a ground stop in effect before the storm was over the airport). That's a completely different situation than holding and delaying a flight for a connecting passenger. Apples and oranges, if you will.

Southwest doesn't publish an e-mail address but they do have a way to contact them by e-mail. The link is:
Many large companies do not publish an actual e-mail address for customer service issues because such boxes attract lots of spam and negate the value of the box.

As this is a Customer to Customer forum, it's unlikely that anybody from Southwest who can answer your question(s) will see your post. I suggest contacting Southwest directly with your issue.