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Icing on the Cake

New Arrival

My husband and I were returning home to Atlanta from a surprise birthday trip for our daughter to California. We were flying on her actual birthday, May 13th. Our daughter wore a pink princess tiara that read Happy Birthday and as we boarded the plane, all three flight attendants Daniel, Lizette and Kathy noticed the tiara and inquired about our daughters name, age and birthday. I thought that it was sweet of them to notice and thought maybe they would give her a shout out over the speakers, but nothing more. I should have known better! As the flight was landing,  Kathy asked all of the passengers to lower their window shades and press their call button. This was a very strange request and it made me quite curious as to what was happening. Just as my curiosity was peaking, Kathy mentioned that there ' were two very special people on board the plane celebrating birthdays' and one of them was my daughter. She said that they did not have a cake to celebrate the birthday's so instead they worked with what they had and simulated birthday candles with the drawn shades and lit call  buttons and I have to say that the interior really looked celebratory! All of the passengers and flight attendants sang Happy Birthday to my daughter and the other child aboard the aircraft. This moment helped to solidify what I already knew..that Southwest is the BEST airline, with the BEST crew, the BEST customer service and the BEST snacks(this portion is from my daughter) 😃 I do not know how Southwest finds crew members who embody their mission and values to the core but please KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK!!! THANK YOU DANIEL, LIZETTE AND KATHY OF FLIGHT 702 FROM LOS ANGELES TO ATLANTA!!