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Lost Luggage, Terrible Service

Explorer C

My husband traveled to LAX and only one of his bags came down the conveyor. He went immediately to the Customer Service rep and reported it. They told him they could see that it scanned in at LAX so either someone else took it or it was stuck in the conveyor. He had full view of the opening of the conveyor so he would've seen someone take it. They assure him that they'll have things checked out and it should be there in the morning. He called, nothing. We went back to the airport, nothing. Fast forward to day 3 and he calls and NOTHING. They tell him the police are combing the footage. Well, if the options they laid out were true then it wouldn't have taken 3 days to "comb footage". He calls the police himself, and finally after a couple of hours he speaks to an officer who tells us a couple of things that we found alarming and frustrating: (1) they were NOT combing any footage because the incident was NEVER REPORTED TO THEM, (2) the incident should've been reported to the police BY THE AIRLINE on the SAME NIGHT that my husband alerted them of the incident, (3) once the police reached out to the airline, they wouldn't provide footage and opted to just declare it stolen - even though based on what the airline had told us that morning, they "have 5 days to find your bag".

Why the lies? This level of negligence is ABSURD! Yes, we are going through the process of gathering receipts and uploading everything into the portal, but the problem I have here is that nobody at Southwest is being held accountable. All we get is "sorry for the inconvenience" as we CONTINUE to be inconvenienced by this horrible process of trying to recover compensation for what was lost. Nobody is helping. Nobody is accountable. We get our luggage mishandled and WE have to do all this extra to prove what was in there and find receipts, etc... 


This is wrong. I am convinced that if we/the police were allowed to see the footage we would see exactly what happened. We would see that someone stole the bag between the time it was scanned upon arrival and the time the bags came down. And if it was stuck, it was taken then. It makes no sense why we'd be lied to that the police were combing the footage but the incident wasn't even reported. Saying whatever sounds good to customers in order to get them off the phone or out of your face IS WRONG. It is not okay that since that day, my husband has not gotten one phone call from Southwest even though he consistently was told he would receive a call. He has had to call over and over again while still trying to travel for work - as he works for the NCAA and was traveling for March Madness. A portion of those items were FOR work.


There has to be a way to show more empathy for the customer after YOU lose their luggage. Treating the customer like the bad guy and leaving them to fend for ourselves is the surest way to guarantee that we DO NOT FLY SOUTHWEST again. All of the flights taken and money spent in the past 10 month on your airline and this is what we have to show for it?!


This level of deception, lack of integrity, and absence of accountability or any ACTUAL customer service has been a NIGHTMARE! 


Shame on you Southwest. SHAME ON YOU.


Re: Lost Luggage, Terrible Service

Aviator C



Sorry to hear this happened. As this forum is customer-to-customer, we as fellow travelers unfortunately cannot follow up on your lost baggage claim nor process how Southwest responded. I assume your husband received File ID number as you mentioned that he reported the missing bag immediately upon noticing it missing:


Below is the link to the portal via the SW Help Center:


If your bag is still not found after the fifth day, I would go ahead an initiate a full claim through the portal.


Regarding how Southwest responded to your inquiry and possible misinformation or miscommunication received about the police search of the video footage, I would forward your comment to Southwest Customer Relations so that it can be processed:

Click on "Comment", "Baggage", "Lost/Delayed Luggage"