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Potentially Bad Weather?

New Arrival

Yesterday my flight was cancelled due to the potential of bad weather. My flight was scheduled to land a full 8 hours before the possible start of bad weather. The plane was on the ground ready to go but Southwest claimed bad weather in the arrival city. Is it common for Southwest to cancel flights due to forecasted weather for the next day?

What are the rules? If snow is forecasted in the next 24 hours, does Southwest avoid a city?


Re: Potentially Bad Weather?

Rising Star



There are a lot if factors an airline looks at before proactively canceling flights. 


Just as much as they don't want you stuck in a bad weather situation they dont want there employees stuck or planes for that matter. Better for an airline to be safe than sorry. 


One reason they might have cancelled your flight is the next flight from your arrival city may not leave before the storm starts and they want to pull all planes from that airport ahead of time. 


Cancelled flights are no fun and weather has been rough lately. Just stay patient and they will have you on your way just as soon as its safe to go.


Hope this helps!



Re: Potentially Bad Weather?

New Arrival

I will no longer fly Southwest to Denver between Chicago because my flight probably will be cancelled if bad weather is forecated for the next day.   Chicago receives a lot of bad weather so better to be safe than sorry!  A competitor is more reliable with this route so it deserves my patronage. 


Also, this competitor is not having massive mechanical issues.