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So disappointed

Explorer C

Apparently SW Airlines dis regards preboarding and only lets you preboardvif you are in a wheelchair. Discrimination


Re: So disappointed

Aviator A

Pre-boarding is available for passengers with a disability that requires a specific seat onboard, or assistance boarding the plane. If you answer yes to either of these needs, you will be allowed to pre-board.


Those with disabilities who just need extra time to board are asked to board with Family Boarding, between the A and B groups.

Re: So disappointed

Explorer B

Actually, disabled pre-boards are supposed to board first. It is the gate agents' responsibility to make sure this is done. I cannot count the number of times I have stood up (with  my cane) when pre-boards were called only to be ignored by the gate agent who wasn't properly trained. So many time in fact that I have adopted the practice of speaking to the gate agents prior to boarding to inform them of my disability status. Additionally, it is unbelievable how many able bodied people sit in the preboard area when one approaches using a cane!