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Travel Funds - Split Expiration Dates?

Explorer C

In May I purchased a ticket for travel tomorrow - when I purchased the ticket I used $30.00 in travel funds from a previous reservation and paid the remainder of the ticket cost in cash (Visa). I have since had to cancel my travel reservation for tomorrow due to a medical issue and my reservation now reflects that my entire credit amount (full cost of the ticket) expires on the date that the original 30.00 expires as opposed to have the 30.00 expire on the original expiration date and the remainder of the ticket purchased expire on its actual one year anniversary which would be May of 2018.  


Please advise if this is the accurate policy because if so it seems very unfair.  My entire ticket price amount should not be penalized when I only used a small portion of travel funds at the purchase time in May ... the expirations should be split appropriately.


Re: Travel Funds - Split Expiration Dates?

Aviator A

Thta's how it works. Whenever you apply travel funds to a reservation, the entire reservation -- including any new money -- takes on the earliest expiration date of any funds added.