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Traveling with elderly parents

New Arrival

I'm traveling with two elderly parents.  My dad will be in a wheelchair but my Mom won't.  My husband and I will be with them.  Will they allow us to board with my elderly parents so that we can be near them for assistance if needed or do I need to purchase the early boarding passes in hopes of being near them?


Re: Traveling with elderly parents

Rising Star




Please read.. Pre-board policy. 


"We realize that some Customers with disabilities require the assistance of the individuals they are traveling with, and we will allow a travel companion to act as an "attendant" and preboard with a Customer with a disability. In most cases, the Customer requires assistance from only one other person, and any additional family members or friends are asked to board with their assigned group. However, if a Customer needs assistance from more than one family member, then the Customer should be allowed the additional help."

Re: Traveling with elderly parents

New Arrival

Hello. First off I want to say Thank You. You are giving your parents that sense that they can still travel and have a good time. Second i want to tell you about my experience with southwest that i will never forget. 

I have two elderly disabled parents. About 10 years ago we decided to go to Orlando to Disney world. My little brother had never been there so that was our family vacation. We booked through southwest. We were treated like royalty. 

At check in there was someone waiting to take our carry-ons without being asked. They walked with us the whole way making sure we got to our gates and on the plane before leaving our sides. 

Each check point there was someone that either had a wheelchair or brought our mobility scooters right up to the door of the plane. My dad was heavier and couldn't walk they got the aisle chair and carried him out of the plane to his scooter. 

If my brother, sister, or I were separated from my parents for some reason, I was never worried. There was always someone wanting to help. (Honestly sometimes it was annoying how much they wanted to help). 

My dad had a lot of health problems. One is diabetes. We were able to take insulin and needles on the plane for medical reasons. Also when I went to give my dad a shot on one of the flights the flight attendant asked me if i needed assistance. That told me that they are trained to help when they can. She knew how to take his blood sugar as well as how to fill the needle with insulin. I was so impressed I felt like if dad was flying alone he would be safe and ok. There was always someone there to keep an eye on him. They never complained when he was constantly getting up to go the bathroom. They assisted the best way they could to assure his flight was comfortable and matched his needs. 

We were always the first ones on the plane and always the first ones off. 

Take your parents with you on southwest. Even if you can't sit with your parents they will be taken care of.