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Delayed flight 2 times/elderly parent

Explorer C

Needless to say how frustrating this has been! I am traveling with an elderly mother who is recovering from a hospital stay and had to travel already 6 1/2hrs from her hometown so I accompany her to GA because she can't travel alone. So I called customer service to tell her I am very upset and honestly I thought this airline was better than spirit! Come to find out might as well have booked with them! I ask why the flight has been delayed twice? She says " go to the receptionist at the podium and ask her" "ask her if there's any flights that leave earlier" because I tell her the time zone changes so I will be getting over there WAY later than expected, so I say " can't you check on your computer if there's a flight sooner?" She says, " the only flight I see is this" (which is the one I've been talking about ALL along! So, I continue to ask, "is there someone I can complaint to?" She refers me back to the person at the podium, then I say "well, isn't she gonna tell me the same thing you just told me?" Then the bright lady says " oh yeah!" So I got nowhere and had to google how to complaint here! Which is a ridiculous way to get to as well! Did I mention I have the southwest credit card? I don't know that will keep it after this BAD AND INCONVENIENT experience!!!!


Re: Delayed flight 2 times/elderly parent

Aviator A

Sorry to hear about your bad experience.


When you complain here, you are complaining to fellow travelers.


If you want to complain to Southwest, you can do so here:

Re: Delayed flight 2 times/elderly parent

Aviator A

Sorry about your frustrating experience. Unfortunately, delays are a part of air travel, as it is dependent on weather and safety must be considered. Often times the cause is out of control of the airline. Your post is short on facts, so it's difficult for anyone here to give you any specific advice. I will state that, generally, in the case of flight delays or cancellations, agents at the airport are likely your best source of information, as well as being best able to provide assistance. If options are limited and/or there were no alternate  arrangements available to your satisfaction, then is it worth reaching out to Customer Relations. I hope this helps.