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Walker Baggage Check

Explorer C

I require assistive devices to walk. I will be traveling soon with my walker and my forearm crutches. I will be requesting wheelchair service.

A.1: Do I check the walker with my bag(s)?

A.2: If so, does it count as a "checked bag" against my 2-bag allotment?

A.3: Do I need to secure the walker with twine or zip-ties to keep it from unfolding?

B.1: Will I need to gate-check my crutches after boarding?

B.2: If so, how will they be secured together?


Re: Walker Baggage Check

Aviator A

It's up to you to decide when you want to check items.  If you would prefer to keep the walker with you as you go through the airport then do that.  If you would prefer to check the walker at the check-in counter you can do that.  If checking at the check-in counter you would want to secure it yourself with ties, tape, or something else.  I would suggest you gate check it if possible as that would decrease the already small chance of it getting lost.  When gate checking items are carried down to the plane and then back up to you when you land.  You also don't need to worry about ties since it is carried and not passing along various conveyors and going on carts.  Get to the gate early and the gate agent will help you out.