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You can't get there from here...or can you?

Explorer C

I am trying to go from PWM to Tulsa.  There are no flights that go there.  BUT can I book a flight to BWI from PWM, then book a flight to Tulsa from BWI?  Is this risky to do it that way?  What would happen if my flight from PWM is late getting into BWI and I miss my next flight from BWI to Tulsa?  Would I be responsible to pay for a new flight since these filights were not booked together as I complete flight?  This seems easy enough to do but I was not sure if there are any risks associated with this type of work around.  Thanks


Re: You can't get there from here...or can you?

Aviator A

You could book it that way all on one reservation the airline calls it Point to Point it is risky yes although I have done it several times without issues. I usually give myself 2 hours or longer when I do point to point .


To book this online you would search the one way flight then when looking at the flight options at the top of the page you will see a modify button click that and you can click multi city thats where you would enter the Tulsa segment .*make sure you enter the correct date. 


Another note when booking a flight like this you may need to re check bags (if your checking bags) I have never had to when my layover is under 4 hours 


If you have any other questions about point to point let me know and I can help!