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can u upgrade after standby?

Frequent Flyer B



Re: can u upgrade after standby?

Frequent Flyer A

@CupCrusher40 wrote:


I assume you're asking about Upgraded Boarding following a Same Day Standby List request.

Passengers can purchase Upgraded Boarding anytime from 24 hours before scheduled departure until 30 minutes prior to departure (subject to availability). If you are cleared on your standby request and receive your boarding pass before the 30 minute mark, you should be able to purchase this benefit if it's still available.


Once you receive your text or email that you have been cleared on the Standby List and confirmed for the new flight, I assume you can buy upgraded boarding online at that point when checking in if it's still available. You can also go to the ticket or any gate CSA counter to get the new boarding pass and make the Upgraded Boarding request there. 


Note that if you purchased Upgraded Boarding for the original flight, it will not carry over to the changed one.

Re: can u upgrade after standby?

Explorer C

I just ran into this dilemma this past weekend.  My family cleared the stand by list one hour before boarding.  So I went to agent to upgrade our seats but was told we can't if we were standby.  She mentioned it seemed like a stupid rule since the seats were available and it was extra revenue for SWA but nonetheless she had no way to let us purchase them.