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need to check if a flight is on time

Explorer C

Re: need to check if a flight is on time

Frequent Flyer A

Greetings! There's multiple ways to track your flight's status:


via Southwest:
via Mobile Website:

Type in your city pairs (and flight number too).


via Phone App:
Your current flight should show on the front page. Clicking on the details should show its current status.


via Flightaware (mobile and desktop):

This website also shows you exactly where the plane is on a map. In the search box, type in "SWA" followed by your flight number. E.g. To track Southwest Flight 1000, type "SWA1000". It will show you the estimated departure time and there's links where you can track the physical inbound aircraft should you arrive at your gate and the plane is not there.



Re: need to check if a flight is on time

Aviator A

These are two good methods, I'd use these first.


You can also do something as simple as typing into Google or your favorite search engine the airline and flight number and the current status and past/future flights that day will come up, Google also shows a tab for previous days and tomorrow.



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