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Baggage Weight Fees

Explorer C

Is there a weight restriction for baggage entering Cuba? I know that before airline carriers were allowed to fly there, when you entered via a charter flight there was certain weight restriction with luggage that it could only weight a total of 44lbs. This was combining both carry-on and checked. If you went over, you would have to pay $2/lb. I may be wrong about the numbers, but it is was something of this sort. The fee was charged by Cuba upon entering the country, not the airline. I know that Southwest allows two checked bags and a carry-on, but does Cuba still charge if you go over the 44lb limit? Hopefully my question isn't too confusing.


Re: Baggage Weight Fees

Aviator A

Sounds like baggage polices have changed, the only difference appears to be a ban on boxes. Here is Southwest's current baggage policy for flights to Cuba:


Baggage embargo: Passengers traveling to Havana (HAV) will be limited to two checked bags with a maximum weight of 50 pounds and a maximum size of 62 inches (length + width + height) each. Boxes of any size will not be accepted. Service items such as wheelchairs and strollers will be accepted.


The same policy applies to the other Cuban airports too.