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Travel FROM Cuba to USA (one way)

Explorer C

We are hoping to travel from the UK to Cuba in May to complete an organized tour of the island. After this we wish to fly to Puerto Rico (Southwest fly via FLL) before returning direct to the UK however what I'd like to know is whether it is possible to fly from Cuba to the USA? I know that there are 12 criteria set out however this seems to only apply when travelling from the USA to Cuba (which we would not be doing). 

We tweeted Southwest who said they didn't think this would be a problem but told us to check with the Cuban Travel Service. We then spoke with CTS who didn't think it would be a problem but told us to check with the airline! We will have a Cuba Tourist Card and we have valid ESTAs (we are UK citizens). Could anyone shed some light on this please? Thanks!


Re: Travel FROM Cuba to USA (one way)

Retired Community Manager

Hi @traveladdictUK,


Great question - thanks for posting in the Southwest Community!


The 12 reasons are only for US citizens who travel on US passports to Cuba. This policy will not apply to you since you are a citizen of the UK. 


Enjoy your travels to beautiful Cuba!