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Last Minute Flight - Price Changing

Explorer C


I'm looking for a flight from Tampa to NY for wednesday night january 3rd. 
Prices are close to $300, is it recommended I just buy tonight or is it worth waiting a few days incase the price drops? I have my return flight already, but between waiting for pay day i wasn't able to buy an outgoing ticket sooner. Is there any promo codes out there? 

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Re: Last Minute Flight - Price Changing

Aviator A

I would not count any any price drops in the three days before a departure date. Just buy the ticket. If the price happens to come down, rebook at the lower price and pocket the difference as a travel fund.

Re: Last Minute Flight - Price Changing

Frequent Flyer A

My advice is to always book then, and worst off, you find a better deal and get a credit for it. Win win.

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