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Where is the Luv and Grace Gone???

Explorer B

I apologize to Brandon, the flight attendant on flight 2478 MCO to DAL on 3/17/24. When asked to close all shades as we waited aboard our 1.5 hr delayed flight, I closed my shade half way. You see I buried my mother yesterday and having the shade up, even partially, made me feel connected to her for just a little longer. Lowering the shade closed the door on a chapter I hadn’t prepared to finish.


 I also apologize to “Karen” 3 seats up who felt embolden to yell at me “to close the shade all the way” because of Brandon’s unprofessional tone and impatient judgment. I explained I was more comfortable leaving it up halfway.


Brandon is a quite large man whose presence felt very intimidating looming over me, using a raised voice to speak to me. In fairness, I did have headphones in so I appreciate perhaps he thought I couldn’t hear him although I did not have the volume on.


Thank you to the incredibly empathetic young lady sitting on the end of my row who defended me to Brandon and “Karen” saying she “doubted my half opened shade was the cause of the plane being hot at noon in Orlando.”  Your “luv” and kindness is greatly appreciated! 💕

I’m sorry my halfopened shade so easily caused professionalism, “luv”,  respect and kindness to be  abandoned at the most “Magical Place on Earth”.  I now appreciate the discomfort my half opened shade caused “Karen” and I’m hopeful she was much more comfortable on the 92 degree pavement at Disney World yesterday with her family. I know I was certainly more comfortable before I had to leave my mother in the ground.


Brandon, I hope you find rest, and much needed, undeserved, break to recharge and find your professionalism and humanity soon.  


Lastly, to all the flight attendants who I fly with nearly every week, thank you for being the best in the industry. I will continue to have your back during inflight medical emergencies, move seats to allow families to sit together, and extend grace on days when you might fall short of your professional best.


Hopeful we can all find a little more “luv” for each other soon.


Closed Shade 


Re: Where is the Luv and Grace Gone???

Explorer B

I have little love for SWA but I support Brandon. You are so concerned about "grace" and "luv" but now you are going out of your way to lodge a complaint against Brandon. You admitted that your conduct was wrong but still you have come on this forum and are criticizing an employee for doing his job.

Re: Where is the Luv and Grace Gone???

Explorer B

Thank you, James. I appreciate your opinion.