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A Father's Love


"We all love our Fathers," says First Officer Eric Null, and in this Family business a lot of us are following in our fathers’ footsteps…  Here is a special video on Fathers day that shows just how much influence our parents have on us, and hopefully serves as a reminder to reach out - not just on Father’s day or Mothers day, but every day - to let them know we love them…

After watching the video please leave comments about your Dad, and let us know your favorite story.  Tell us something about him.


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Just wanted to say "Thank you to Southwest" for a great trip that I took last week. Exceptional service, nice staff and smoothed flying. Also wanted to tell you all that my father passed away in 1971, I was 21, I really miss him allot and I am now 65. For everyone who has their father, please take the time to visit them, do things with and show them your respect and love. BTW, don't forget dear momma as well. God Bless all Fathers on their day of joy.
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Great Father's Day piece. My father died in 1974 when I was 13 years old and I still miss him even though he has been gone longer than he lived. The hardest thing about it is we didn't own a camera back then so I have no pictures of him or us together. If you got a Dad, hung him for me.
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Happy Fathers Day to Eric and all of the Dads at Southwest! My dad introduced me to flying and was first in line to cheer me when I went to become an air traffic controller. I t's a tough year that first year after our Dad's pass on. But, it's great to see Eric giving his father such a wonderful tribute!
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Eric, I've forwarded this story on to so many friends and family. They have all been touched by your words. What a beautiful tribute to your dad, my brother John. When ever I take someone to the St Louis airport I go on to the cemetery and watch for the planes to fly over. I wave at the ones I think may be carrying my departing guests. Love, Aunt Judy