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Blogging Gate Game...

Adventurer A
We've had some pretty busy days here at the blog lately, so I'd thought it would be a good idea to have some fun.  Welcome to the first installment of Nuts About Southwest Gate Games!  I'll pose some questions and let's see if you all can find the answers on the internet or at least give your best guess.  Brian has even offered up some great prizes (Okay, some SWA swag!) for the first three folks with the answers. Today's Gate game will be about the Boeing 737 (Next Generation and Classic). 1 - On the 737-700, how much does each winglet weigh? 2 - What is the total added weight on the aircraft as a result of the Winglet Modification to a 700:? 3 - How tall is the winglet on a 737-700? 4 - What is the approximate fuel savings from the winglet modification on both the 737-NG (Next Generation) and the 737-CL (Classic Fleet)? 5 - On the 737-CL, how much does each winglet weigh? 6 - What is the total added weight of the winglet modification on the Classic Fleet? 7 - How tall is the winglet on the Classic Fleet? Some of the ways that this winglet modification is helping us are: 1. Improved takeoff performance 2. Lower block fuel (uses less fuel) 3. Increase payload range (can fly farther) 4. Lower emissions and airport noise So, if you'd like to play, just add your answers in the comment section, and I'll post the answers in a week or so. Good Luck!