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Fall From Above

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Saturday was the first day of fall, and I had the privilage of seeing nature starting to show the changing of the season from a unique vantage point.  I made a flight from Baltimore-Washington Airport (BWI) to Manchester, NH (MHT).  Our routing took us north to New York City; Central Park is always a fun place in the fall.  We continued up the Hudson River with nice views of the cliffs along the water's edge.  As we descended into Manchester, our arrival took us over Albany, NY (ALB), southern Vermont and south central New Hampshire.  I could see the fall colors of the birches and maples slowly starting to appear, just a branch here and there, but the colors are on their way.  While we were on the ground, I stepped out onto the ramp and the cool crisp New England air was wonderfully refreshing. We departed Manchester enroute to Las Vegas (LAS).  Just after we left New Hampshire a layer of clouds blocked our view until we were directly over Des Moines, Iowa, and then it was clear and beautiful for the rest of the flight.  We flew out across the plains of Nebraska and then into Colorado.  The Rockies had a fresh coating of snow that in the bright light was spectacular.  I could see whisps of smoke from camp fires dotted here and there in the mountains.  We were treated to birdseye views of Aspen, Telluride and Durango ski resorts with their miles and miles of winding trails.  The fall colors were also evident in Colorado as the stands of aspens, and their vibrant gold hues were making their presence known. As we started our descent into Las Vegas, we crossed between Bryce Canyon National Park and the Grand Canyon.  The shadows on the canyon walls and the beautiful red and rust colors were picture postcard perfect.  I have to admit this was an awesome and humbling way to spend the first day of Autumn.
Adventurer B
It is so pleasant to be reminded now and again that flying can be a magical experience! It is too often the case that we remain obsessed with the many hurdles of going through security, getting to the airport on time, or worrying about our next meeting... sometimes, our perception as customers can be that flying is a stressful experience! Most modern day airlines do not alleviate this feeling, and treat customers in an impersonal way. Most times, passengers will not have a clue what areas of the world they are overflying. It is therefore refreshing to have a view of what you may be able to enjoy, if you just take a little time to look outside! I am pretty sure that as a Captain, David also helps to keep passengers informed as to where they are and what they can see out of their windows, and I am also sure that his passengers appreciate!
Explorer C
Why captain, your story was almost poetic. The imagery your post gives us is great. Thank you.
Explorer A
Makes me wish I could witness the view! Thank you for taking a moment to share, a simple story about the beauty of this country. I know too, I should close my eyes and try to see the beauty, capture the instant and know life is sometimes too short - thanks for the reminder to take the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our land. On the very few occasions I get to fly, I usually sit on the aisle so I don't get squished by someone needing to sit in the middle seat. Next time, I may alter my routine and grab a window...see if I can capture a glimpse. Thank you.
Explorer C
The picturesque account of your trip between MHT and LAS is just awesome. It makes one feel that they are actually "there" seeing it through your eyes. As a Res Agent for this wonderful airline, I would like to say "Thanks for all you do" to help make our customers flight enjoyable and informative. That is "POS" at its greatest! Gale Shockley
Explorer C
I really miss you guys at SWA. My wife and I just moved to St. Cloud, MN for a new job. For the past eleven years, I've flown SWA and loved it. You guys are actually human, as evidenced in your comments about the scenery. Since taking this job, I've had to start flying other airlines (NWA and AA). It's no wonder they're both bankrupt! Their people are so uptight it's scary! I appreciate the way your pilots and staff are friendly and courteous (including the flight attendant who sings upon landing). Please ask your upper management to try to start service to Minneapolis-St. Paul International, or St. Cloud airport if they won't let you into the twin cities. You would love the scenery here, too. Jeff
Explorer C
I just watched a commercial for The NYSE and it clearly shows a Southwest Airlines Airbus A300. I thought Southwest only uses Boeings. The europeans are laughing their butts off!
Explorer C
David, What a beautiful story! Thank you!!!
Aviator C
Hi David, I don't know where they got the picture of a Southwest A-300. We only fly 737s, and the only other aircraft that we have operated over 35 years was a few 727s. It wasn't one of ours. Brian
Adventurer A
So who gets to fly this very cool run?