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Fare Play: Huddle Up!

Explorer C

“Alright, Everyone.  Listen up and pay close attention”… that’s what you’ll hear one of our Employees saying when he appears in a video introducing Southwest’s newest ad campaign.  This fall, more than 30 Southwest Employees will demonstrate how Southwest Airlines tirelessly enforces the rules of “fare” play.  We advertise heavily in sports media, so we thought: what better way to capture football-lovers attention than to bring the game into our ads?

In true, tongue-and-cheek Southwest style, our Employees will portray football referees and penalize the unfair fees that drive Customers crazy. We’re calling out the other airlines with our whistles blaring and flags flying to enforce the right way to treat passengers. We don’t believe in charging unreasonable bag fees or change fees – Southwest Airlines makes the right call for our Customers. 

In the ads, our Employees will review “plays” made by the other airlines and call them out for blindsiding travelers with a ridiculous bag fee or change fee, or even worse – both!  Our Employees have made up catch phrases similar to the calls made by football referees. So instead of “Unsportsmanlike conduct,” our Employees call out “Un-Southwest-like conduct.”  Everyone on set had a blast making up hand signals to go along with these fun, airline ref calls.

Our television spots will launch with the beginning of college football on Saturday, Sept. 3, and our online, jetbridge, and airport advertising will show up around the system today.

Explorer B
I love it! Can't wait to see it! It sounds better than the guys spelling "Bags Fly Free" out on their chests. lol
Explorer C
Absolutely LUVVVV them!
Explorer C
Now bring back the "anybody can use your credit" policy. That was a low blow for most customers. PAHLEEZE change it back !!
Explorer C
$120 in bag fees? Way to go Tommy. It's the right call.