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Fly Me To The Moon

Frequent Flyer B
In case you were wondering, the earth’s circumference is 24,900 miles around and the moon 238,857 miles away. What does this have to do with a podcast about Southwest Airlines? Well this podcast is about travel. Whaaa? A podcast from Southwest Airlines about travel? Yes. Go back and check the archives, I feel this is the first. (I suppose someone might argue there is one other.)

As you may know, one of the perks of working for an airline is the ability to fly for free or for very cheap. Southwest Airlines Employees can fly on Southwest if there is a seat available, and we have agreements with other carriers that allow us to fly stand-by for a fee. The further the flight the higher the fee, but you get the idea. It is nice, but pretty much every Employee has a horror story of sitting in an airport watching plane after plane load and depart leaving him or her sitting there without a boarding pass.

But luck is what you make it, and Katie Coldwell (part-time blogger) uses her travel privileges like no one I have ever known. I used to work with Amber, a graphic designer, who in her first six months of employment was only home three weekends. But even Amber can’t hold a flame to the times Katie has been told “Put your seat-back in the upright position…”

What is even better is that she has tracked her travel since she started at Southwest in 2000. (Here is where I tie the earth-moon thing together.) Her logged miles would have taken her around the world a number of times but to learn how many, and if she could have gotten to the moon, listen to my interview with Katie on this week’s edition of Red Belly Radio. Better yet, subscribe in iTunes and get it delivered through the magic of RSS to your iTunes account every Wednesday.