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Grab Your Blog, It's On!


Nearly five years ago, we had a crazy idea to start Nuts About Southwest, our Company blog.  During that time, we've seen amazing growth, been recognized by our peers and had a lot of fun along the way!


One of the biggest events for bloggers, social media enthusiasts and Internet geeks alike is Blog World & the New Media Expo.  Held in Las Vegas, the conference is a place where each of these converge to share tips and finally see each other IRL (that's 'in real life,' for all you beginners).


You can catch some of the Blog World action live, by checking out our USTREAM.


As veterans of the blogosphere, and the first airline to have a blog, coming to Blog World is a natural fit.  During the conference, many people approach us asking why we are here. 

Besides being a sponsor, Southwest Airlines' Emerging Media Team is constantly looking for ways to educate ourselves and improve our own social media practices.  And, in the true spirit of our brand, we came to give stuff away.

Got your attention, didn't I?  Well, Blog Worlders, there are a variety of ways you can win this weekend when you visit the Southwest Lounge in the conference area at Mandalay Bay.

The first chance to win begins right here:

1. At our Lounge, we have a photo booth (you know, the kind that takes pictures).
2. Take your picture there, and make it your profile pic on Twitter.
3. Tweet @SouthwestAir to notify us your profile picture has changed, using the hashtag #blogsouthwest.
4. Wait in anticipation, daydreaming of the possibilities.


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Love it! You guys should have blogger guests! As a SWA fan and blog fan, I would def be up to that!!!
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Count me in. Changed! Doing #4 now! DJ Waldow @djwaldow
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Request air flight from oak to poatland,or.
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I will have more to say depending of the photos, letter that I sent to SWA and what action they are going to take to find out who removed my Hoodie from my bag and who open the TSA approved lock on my bag. Southwest Airline Corporate Office Attn: President/CEO 2702 Love Field Dr. Dallas, Tx 75235 Southwest Airlines co. Robert Bond Sr. Claims & Tracing Rep-Ext 5504 Central Baggage Services P.O. Box 36663 Dallas, Tx 75235 This is about my bag TSA approved lock open and per the TSA group it was not open by them because the bag was never pulled off the belt for an TSA inspection so as I was told by TSA it would be the SWA airline that had charge of my bag I will have more to tell, the letters and photos were received by the above address on Friday Oct 15 per the USP. A phone conversation before I sent the photos and letter to a Mr. Robert Bond it was highly unlikely that a $60,000.00 a year SWA employee per phone conversation, would take a Hoodie and also highly unlikely that they would have a TSA Master key. But the bottom line is my lock was open by using a TSA key/device when the windows goes from a green window to a red window it has been openy by a TSA key. So lets see what Mr Gray C. Kelly the pres. and CEO has to say. Since TSA used the bar code that is on the luggage tag that was put on by the SWA employee at the ticket counter at the Boise, Idaho airport. I want to know who took my hoodie and who opened the TSA approved lock and move items around in my bag...... Thanks to all I am waiting for a an answer from Mr. Gray C. Kelly since Mr. R. Bond does states it is highly unlikely that a SWA employee would take a hoodie and have a TSA Key/device to open my luggage.