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Singing About

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At Southwest, we know our Employees have many talents. We’ve all seen the singing, dancing, rapping, twirling, and standup routines. Now, we’re showing them off to the world in primetime! This weekend, we will debut a new national ad spot featuring 14 Employees singing, dancing, and playing the guitar through the streets of Chicago.

The ad focuses on the fact that the one and ONLY place you can find our low fares online is We sure don’t want Customers thinking we’re not on aggregator web sites because we don’t serve the destinations that are important to them. So we’re going to shout it (or sing it) from the streets!

The ad was shot in two days ALL OVER downtown Chicago – Michigan Ave., Millennium Park, Financial District, and more. It took weeks of preparation and LOTS of hard work. We even had an original score and lyrics developed!

The voices you hear are all truly our Employees, captured in a sound studio. Everyone worked incredibly hard not only to learn the “Only at” song, but an entire dance routine, the night before we shot!

Our Employees were great sports about being plopped into the middle of a huge city. We didn’t close the sidewalk or streets; we just went with everyday hustle and bustle. Our Employees danced their way down, through, and across the city streets of Chicago like it was the most normal thing in the world to do!

Check out the new spot and let us know what you think!