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Happy New Year and an Interview with Herb

Aviator C
The Southwest Airlines Blog Team sends their wishes for a Happy New Year to all our readers.  Without your comments (we appreciate the "bad" along with the "good), our blog would have been a boring place to be.  We send special New Year's wishes to the great folks at RD2 Inc. who are the technical brains and design geniuses behind the blog for their great Holiday decorations.  I especially like the New Year's motif. As a way of closing out the year, here is a link to an interview with our Executive Chairman, Herb Kelleher in the Southwest Economy web site.  (I found the link of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's aviation blog.)  While I didn't find any of the words that Jill mentions in her post below, Herb always makes a "great read."
Frequent Flyer C
Great work Blog team! Why don't you take the rest of the year off? ;-P Round 2 of John Deere versus snowstorm Tuesday Jan 1st. Ding!
Explorer A
hey Brian... I hope you have a Happy New Year I am out of hiding.:):) USS BLOG BOY
Adventurer A
Happy New Year to all of you especially those that are airborne at Midnight. Especially those on this flight.
Explorer C
The article is fine if you want Herb's opinion on the economy. Here is what I want to know...How does Herb feel about the "NEW" Southwest? How does he feel about no longer being a good deal in the airline business? How does he feel about a $300 "free drink" and a $300 "A" status guaranteed? Last I checked, I was an A every time I flew anyway and because I had been loyal to SW, they gave me free drink tickets. I am booking flights today, and for the first time in several years, I am likely choosing Frontier and others due to price. PRICE!? My flights are $300 or $800 (plus a drink and an A seat!) on SW. I remeber Herb giving pints in the 1970's to beat the competition...I guess we've lost that LUVIN' Feelin!