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Happy magnesium!

Adventurer C
12 is the atomic number for magnesium and on March 17, celebrates 12 years! Well almost. It was actually back in 1995. Can that much really happen in 12 years? Well, we now have almost 73% of our revenues generated from and lead the airline industry in online revenue. Each month has on average 10 million unique visitors according to Nielson Net Ratings (06) and generates over 6 million Click 'n Save e-mails weekly. We've added the ability to book cars, hotels, cruises, shuttles, theme park tickets, and gift cards! Customers are able to checkin online 24 hours in advance, check their flight status and even checkin through web-enabled mobile devices. Not bad. In 12 years, I've gotten married and bought a house. OK and probably gained a few pounds.