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Having a Cheeseball!

Explorer B

How do you celebrate National Cheeseball Day?  Naturally, with a cheeseball contest.  We had 15 cheeseball entries, and of course one of them was mine.

Some of our fearless Supervisors and Trainers bravely volunteered to be our judges, and the competition was fierce.  After sampling the entries and having a meeting in a secret room (the conference room... oops, guess it wasn't so secret), the winner was chosen. 

First place went to Denise Bernum, second place was Carol Davis and third was Susan Benn.  Since we work at an almost 24-hour center, I was not able to get the recipe for first or second place but I have included the recipe for Susan's third place winner.  I did not win, but I bet if there had been a 15th place it would've been mine!

I hope you enjoyed your National Cheeseball day as much as we did.  Here is to next year!


 3- 8oz packages cream cheese                   1 pound powdered sugar

 1 small jar nutella                                      1 pkg cheese cake flavored pudding mix

 1 pkg dark chocolate chips                          2 tsp orange juice concentrate (do not add water)

 1/2 tsp orange extract                                4 oz bag chopped pecans

1- 6oz pkg sliced almonds

 combine all ingredients except almonds.  Form into ball and refrigerate overnight.  In the morning cover cheeseball with almonds to coat.