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How To Get Hired At SWA 101

Frequent Flyer B

I suppose anyone who works in a human resources department at any large company sees a lot of people in varying sorts of need and desire. For any given job posting, there could be hundreds of applicants or maybe just a handful. Of those applicants, there are some who really want the job, and others who really need the job. Regardless of want or need, the recruiters have to pick the best candidate for that specific job. Most people would probably agree that a recruiter's job is not an easy job.

If you are applying for employment at a financial institution the way you get your foot in the door might be different than how you get hired at a soft drink manufacturer; which would be different than an airline; which would be different still from Southwest Airlines.

On this episode of Red Belly Radio: How To Get Hired at Southwest Airlines 101 is a collection of several stories on what some Employees did to get their feet in the door.

Be forewarned, these stunts have been tried and may not yield the intended results.

Top picture: Catherine with her fake tattoo. Bottom Catherine with her "I'm a Person Person" response to the "We're Looking for People People" billboard.

Explorer C
Getting hired at SWA is not that hard, but it takes a different personality. I was hired in 1983 and retired a few years ago. What they really want is a self-started who can think beyond dollars and whats in it for me. SWA is a family and you are really asking to become part of it. Ask yourself what you bring to the table. Be open, but respectful and be yourself. If you can stand on one leg and role play, do it. These personalities are far and few between as most people take themself way to seriously. If your looking for a great, exciting and fun company where you will work your butt off, it is SWA. Many applicants going in have this "Tooth Ferry" perception of SWA until they find out you might work years before you see a week-end off. Holidays become high volume work days and Sundays are for "Normal People" that won't include yourself. If you understand this going in to the game and your a different cut of tree, you might like working at SWA. Once hired, learn one rule and you will go a long way with SWA. Its to treat all people with respect!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a Golden Rule and many people just can't grasp this. Great people skills is what built this great company and its your number one asset at SWA.. One last thing. Herb was asked years ago what the success of SWA was...his responce was we are not so much in the airline business as we are the peoples business, we just happen to fly airplanes. Good luck in your employment endevors. Don Shaw
Explorer C
Haha. Great topic. I'm actually in the process of trying to figure out how to "my foot" in the door at Southwest at the moment. I loved the pic with the billboard! Are you guys saying I need to do something like that?!?! Haha. Will take note...
Explorer C
Hooray for hiring....but are you? Specifically, for pilots. I've heard that SWA will stop interviewing in October '08. I have my type rating, and have had an application in for about 6 weeks. However, haven't heard a peep about an interview. How long do pilots typically wait for a call? I've heard the gossip. What's the truth behind this, SWA?
Explorer A
Thank you for posting this. This gives real inspiration and hope to us college students out here that are about to enter the "permanent" job force.

Joseph R. Meyers

Dallas, Texas

Explorer C
Great Post! I just recently got my foot "in the door" and my first day will be spent in Baltimore on October 17th!!! I think the key to getting hired here is being yourself. I think everyone tries to be someone they are not when they go for job interviews. If your a goofy and fun loving person, don't change it, especially for this company. I told them at my interview I'm known for dancing Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" at my current employer's Christmas party and I think that was one of the reasons I believe I was called back. I honestly can't wait to see whats in store working for Southwest, because I know Southwest will give me the freedom to have fun and be productive at the same time.