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Introducing Flight Credits that Don’t Expire


Offering Legendary Customer Service and warm Hospitality is at the core of Southwest Airlines®. As travelers continue returning to the sky, we know that having more flexibility has become even more important, and we want to deepen our commitment to bringing more ease into the experience of traveling with Southwest.


That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a new policy that eliminates expiration dates on all Southwest flight credits unexpired on, or created on or after July 28, 2022.* This additional flexibility applies to all currently valid, existing flights, and to any new flight credit issued.


The ability to retain a flight credit without expiration is another enhancement in a series of transformative upgrades to elevate the Customer Experience, including enhanced WiFi, new in-seat power, and larger overhead bins.


Beginning today, Southwest Customers will begin seeing a placeholder expiration date of Dec. 31, 2040, on valid flight credits ahead of additional work later this year that will update technology systems to altogether remove expiration dates on flight credits.


Flight Credit's Don't Expire.png


I’m proud that when Customers travel with Southwest, they receive ultimate flexibility that is unmatched in the industry. Bags fly free, there are no fees to change or cancel your flight**—and now, Customers don’t have to worry about flight credits expiring before they can use them. 


We’ll be ready to serve you when you fly.




Flight credits for non-refundable fares will be issued as long as the reservation is cancelled more than 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. Flight credits unexpired on, or created on or after July 28, 2022, do not expire and will show an expiration date (12/31/2040) until systems are updated. A flight credit with an expiration date on or before July 27, 2022, has expired in accordance with its existing expiration date. See My Account for flight credit expiration dates, if any.



At Southwest Airlines, there are no change fees (fare difference may apply), no cancellation fees (failure to cancel a reservation at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled departure may result in forfeited travel funds), and Bags fly free® (two free checked bags, weight and size limits apply).


Aviator A

I missed at first that it was retroactive to existing and unexpired flight credits, this is great news from Southwest. 

Explorer C

This is great news! Do Southwest LUV Vouchers still expire or are those not included in this change?

Explorer C

It's unfortunate that you chose to turn over $640 of Flight Credits from canceled flights in 2020, due to Covid, into LUV Vouchers that expired this February and REFUSE to do the right thing and either further extend them or turn them back into Flight Credits that never expire. I'm furious.