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Is this thing on?

Adventurer C
Is this thing on? Where do I start this? Do I tell you about me? I love college football, Joey Ramone, dumb jokes and …… Write something huh? Writing makes me sweat. I'm confined. I can't breathe. Give me a room full of people and I can talk all day. All day. About anything. Writing means I have to follow some sort of order and structure. I hate that. However, the lack of structure is why I love my job. There's a lot of different areas that I play in at Southwest Airlines. I work in our Interactive Marketing department and have responsibilities with our online marketing and distribution as well as anything random that comes along . I like that. Randomness. You see, I've been at Southwest Airlines for over 14 years now. When you've been at a place that long, I think you get to know so many people and so much of the company's history that it allows you to be involved in a lot of random things. Like this blog. As we like to say "I know a couple of guys", and they asked if I might give this a shot. So here we go. Somewhere along the line, Southwest was crazy enough to let me commute from Phoenix to Dallas. So while my position is based in Dallas, my house, my husband (Tom) and Elsie the Wonder Dog are all in Phoenix. I usually spend 2-3 days a week in Dallas and then fly back to Phoenix. So I'm a commuter. I do a lot of sleeping on the plane, but I have been known to talk to folks along the way. I love talking (see above paragraph) and there are some pretty interesting people out there. So far, I've encountered a 34-year-old grandmother, a 10-year-old girl who flies between parents in Albuquerque and Phoenix, and an old Wisconsin college friend who ended up buying a house in our neighborhood (talk about random). I've been a sounding board for a father working out his response to his 12-year-old daughter who wanted to wear thong underwear, was so touched to have an 80-year-old woman share her experiences about her life, children and her deceased husband, talked with two young boys about Xbox (I think), and watched two linebacker-sized guys help the flight attendants decorate the plane with streamers and balloons in flight for the pilot that was retiring. So now you probably understand how online advertising, distribution and blogs all fit my job here at Southwest Airlines. It might also give some insight into my life. It's all random. If you're on a flight somewhere between Dallas and Phoenix, look for me. I'd love to hear your story, especially if it's random.