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Let Freedom "DING!"


At Southwest Airlines, we understand how important it is to spend holidays with our family.  Southwest celebrates the holidays with our Customers in a BIG way because we consider YOU part of our Family.

Southwest Airlines Employees are celebrating with you this Fourth of July Holiday by celebrating our many Freedoms across the Country! You can expect to see our Employees dressed in red, white, and blue, during “Freedom Week,” and many of our flights and gate podiums will be decorated with our Southwest Freedom Hearts.  We will show our appreciation to our Servicemen and women by welcoming them to board the airplane with our “A” group and to deplane first, on July 4.  Flag stickers will be handed out to all Customers flying with us on July 3, and 4!

Did you know Southwest Airlines has been “giving People the Freedom to fly” since 1971? Our Southwest Customers have the Freedom to Fly to 64 cities, in 32 states!

Southwest gives me the freedom to:
- Fly home to Michigan to visit my family.
- Travel with friends to destinations I have yet to visit.
- Fly to a city after work for dinner and be home in my bed by 10:00 p.m.
- Be on the East Coast before noon and on the West Coast before 5:00 p.m.!
- Have FUN at work!

What Freedoms does Southwest Airlines give you?


Frequent Flyer C
I have the freedom to: 1.) Go on fabulous trips!! 2.) Meet cool new people - including my roommate! 3.) Have a ton of FUN at work 4.) BLOG!!! oh and btw, Suzanne Marta at the Dallas Morning News posted a lil' something in the aviation biz blog about our festivities:
Adventurer B
Southwest Airlines gives me the freedom to: -Go on awesome trips! -Help serve snacks (just call me a Junior Flight Attendant)! -Sit where I want! -Be my outgoing self! -Blog! -Get my pictures taken with employees! -Show my SWA spirit & LUV! Thought for the day: Why are they called tube tops when they're not made out of tubes? SWA LUV! 🙂