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Today, we began selectively offering two products to Customers in the air booking section of  As Customers finalize their ticket purchase, some of them will see the option to purchase EarlyBird Check-in, a service Southwest Airlines already offers, and Trip Protection, a new service through a partnership with Access America.  To ensure we maintain the best shopping experience for our Customers, these new shopping features are being introduced slowly and not all Customers will see these options today.

With EarlyBird Check-in, Customers are automatically checked-in so you can receive a better boarding position that is confirmed for your trip. Since you're boarding earlier, there will be more open seats and overhead bin space from which to choose.  Until today, all Customers had to purchase EarlyBird in a separate transaction after they purchased their air travel.  With the new shopping feature, Customers will begin to have the option to add EarlyBird Check-in during the air purchase process, making it even easier to add the convenience of EarlyBird Check-in to their travel plans.

Trip Protection is a new offering from Southwest. Trip Protection is a combination of insurance benefits and assistance services specifically designed to help protect travelers while away from home.  If your travel plans change for an unexpected covered reason, you’ll be reimbursed for the related expenses incurred. We are partnering with Access America to offer this product. For questions about Trip Protection, please see the Q&A link or call Access America at 1-866-840-0899.

These are just a few ways Southwest Airlines has enhanced its web site to give Customers more options.

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Hi, I think these are great additions to the service that Southwest offers. However, this does beg the question, is Southwest now planning to charge a change or cancellation fee? Please say that Southwest isn't going to add any of those ridiculous fees! The no change fees and no baggage fees are some of the best reasons to fly with Southwest please don't change anything! Thank you, Rich
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Glad to see Early Bird available at time of fare purchase. I find that it's worth $10 many times, especially for early morning flights, to not have to worry about checking in 24 hours in advance if I want a good seat, but still have the convenience of open seating and all its benefits. I am sure that those who buy travel insurance will also appreciate the ability to do it on the same transaction.