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Orville, Wilbur, and Charles?

Frequent Flyer B
I Googled “podcast from cowling” and found a bunch of podcasts by a guy with the last name Cowling, but could not find any podcasts recorded in a jet engine cowling. That’s right, Red Belly Radio is once again making history—(I’m trying to think of another time…) I suppose I should explain what a cowling on an aircraft is—it is that thing that holds and funnels air into a jet engine. That’s me in the picture sitting in the engine.

I recorded this episode at a ceremony at our Dallas Maintenance Facility to commemorate Charles E. Taylor’s pioneering efforts in aviation, and also to celebrate all the People who work on our aircraft. I talk with two Charles E. Taylor Master Mechanic award winners and we hear from the Company President, Colleen Barrett, along with an excerpt of the ceremony. You can listen to this historic podcast to learn more about Charles Taylor, read Gordon’s blog, or see Bob's footage on the video blog. All three media worthy of the mechanic who could might be called “The Third Wright Brother.”
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