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Have you read any unputdownable books lately?

Yes, unputdownable may be an unfamiliar term to some of our blog readers, and while you won’t see this word in every dictionary, it is an attention-grabbing alternative to other more familiar (the overused and blasé, “a real page turner”) expressions used to describe a book that shaped an impactful reading experience.

For me, the most recent unputdownable book was Bob Dylan’s Chronicles: Volume One.  In this mesmerizing autobiography, Dylan (or Bob, as I now refer to him after getting to know him so well) jumps around with time periods in his career, giving readers an intimate glimpse into key moments in his unprecedented musical journey.  As a solo artist, Bob’s gift of crafting impactful songs is unmatched, and his major influence on music is well documented.  This book makes it clear that Bob’s ability to tell stories and paint pictures with words is not limited to songs.          

Okay, l had my Saturday all mapped out.  I would go grocery shopping, pay some bills, and give my mother a call.  Well, all that changed.  I figured I'd read a few pages of Chronicles: Volume One before heading out of the house.  But I was hooked from the first paragraph and could not bring myself to put the book aside for a later session.  Nothing, not even the numerous phone calls I received on both of my phones during the next five hours could win out over my curiosity to discover what Bob would reveal next.  Well, I'm happy to report that my unputdownable experience was well worth putting off my plans for later in the day.  I don’t know when Bob will publish Chronicles: Volume Two, but I plan to add it to my evergrowing book collection the day it arrives in my local Barnes & Noble.  

Reading is always rewarding, and most of us have favorite topics and/or authors we enjoy exploring (mine are World War II history and musician biographies).  Even if the book you just finished is not the best you've ever read, hopefully, impressions were made and you gained new thoughts and ideas that enrich you in some way.

When you dive into a book that's so intriguing you virtually ignore all that is around you, you discover what "unputdownable" is all about. 

 Have you read any unputdownable books lately?