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Plus One

Explorer A
I'll admit I have been invited to a number of social events with the caveat of a "plus one." Until I got married, I hated the plus one! Stress about whom to invite, what they will think, or will they say yes? However, I'm excited to announce a more positive plus one. My husband, Sam, is one of the newest Southwest Airlines' Employees. On Valentine's Day, I shared a Southwest Airlines LUV Story about the number of Southwest Airlines' Employee couples. I would have never thought that a few months later, I would be one of those couples. Sam & HolleeI am excited to share again in the experience of a New Hire. As a New Hire, through my husband, you learn the Culture, SPIRIT, and LUV of Southwest Airlines. So now we can say have 1,100 married couples plus one.
Explorer C
Welcome to the group Holly! Being one of the 1,100 myself, I can say it is a wonderful experience to have a husband that understands Southwest Airlines unique Culture, Spirit and way of life.
Adventurer B
Well, we always knew Southwest was addictive (once you taste it you can't let go), but it now turns out to be contagious as well! :o)) Congratulations to your husband! (and to you for having passed on the passion!) :o)) Raphael
Adventurer C
Look how cute you guys are! Can your "plus one" find me a "plus one?" Just kidding. Cute blog Hollee! Francis
Explorer C
Hollee! I had no idea Sam was "coming on over." Guess if I was in town more often on weekends I could keep up with these things! Congratulations and pass on my best to the new hire! 🙂
Frequent Flyer B
Hey, Hollee! Can you help me find someone? 🙂 I've yet to find the right person. Maybe when I go to work for SWA I will.
Frequent Flyer C
Leah, Kim already found you someone. USS Blog boy remember? . Tear off strip before sealing envelope. Ding! boy Joe
Frequent Flyer B
Oh, yes, Ding! boy Joe. I remember but just wasn't sure. 🙂
Frequent Flyer B
Once I go to work for Southwest (whenever that happens to be!), maybe I'll marry a CSA or an FA (or another employee there). In addition to having my senior minister or one of my associate ministers officiate, Herb can officiate, too! Then, Colleen can be my bridesmaid & Gary Kelly can be the ringbearer! All other employees will be invited, of course, as well as my blogging friends, other friends, & family. I'll have to decide who I'll have participate in other parts of the wedding. I will have a bouqet of peanuts, crackers, pretzels, & candy corn to toss; my theme will be Southwest, of course, with the SWA cake, napkins, & cups. We will use SWA plates for the cake. The invitations will be decorated with theme painted planes. 🙂
Frequent Flyer B
I should have said I'll have to decide who will participate in different parts of the ceremony, such as the flower girl, maid of honor, etc., because I want as many people as possible! 🙂 For example, if Kim sings, he can sing, & if FA Carole plays an instrument, she can play one in addition to my church organist!