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Return of Randomness

Adventurer C

I've posted before about how I like the randomness of my job. After reading some of the posts and comments, it appears that lots of people appreciate randomness as well. It doesn't necessarily matter what the blog post is, if someone wants to ask about a future city they just ask. Or maybe they just want to let us know about a nice Flight Attendant. So, in celebration of all that is random, this is another random post. Anything you've got. I'll start.

Boise State and their two-point conversion??? Wow! Would have never put money on Florida. Can't believe March Madness is right around the corner (Go Badgers!). Love all of Malcom Gladwell's books and would love to have a beer with him. Best Mexican restaurant is Los Dos Molinos--specifically the salsas and the enchilada dinner. Why doesn't Southwest fly to Missoula, Montana? (That was for my parents and Bill) starts may day off with a laugh and is my second favorite web site, after Need to find a place to take my once-a-year ski trip. Is it Friday yet?

Thanks. It was great to get that all off of my mind. Now, go away you kiniggets or I shall taunt you a second time.