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Say Yes to the Inflight Dress!

Frequent Flyer C
Coming soon to a runway near you, cute and stylish dresses for our Flight Attendants!  The Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant uniform is one of our most cherished brand identifiers – from hot pants to go-go boots, the legendary Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant uniform continues to evolve.  Over the next few months, you may start seeing our Flight Attendants in their new uniform dress.   The dress is navy, one of my personal favorite colors for fall and can be spruced up with approved accessories such as the super cute scarf or Southwest cardigan.   We created a Travel Style board on our Pinterest page, feel free to tweet us a link to favorite Southwest or travel-inspired look to @SouthwestAir and we’ll add it to our board!
Inflight Dress
Explorer C
I saw the dress on a flight attendant last weekend. My first thought. "Ugghh". "Ugly" with a capital U. She looked matronly and like any other airlines f/a (Delta). I'm talking about the dress not the f/a. Not the Southwest "fun" style. As a frequent flyer I vote a big "NO" DING
Explorer B
Looks good! You should get a red dress to represent LUV.
Explorer B
Is it true this is in addition to their current uniform choices and not a mandatory switch? I quite frankly hate the change to a look that every other airline has. Southwest had a chance to one-up Virgin America with their new uniforms designed by Banana Republic, but instead they went with Land's End -_- The trench coat and boots area a good move though, although I'm not sure a trench coat would provide easy mobility to serve drinks, so hopefully that'll come off in flight. Walking up and down the aisles in boots may also be difficult too.
Explorer C
Not in keeping with the SW casual tradition. SW is casual and fun. SW provides transportation to the masses. SW is not High End. The professional look has got to go for SW.
Explorer C
I believe the "new look" is not new in the airline industry. It's like any other legacy carrier. It looks "professional" but lacks any pizzazz. Dresses? Heels? Boots? How do you spell "uncomfortable" for the type of work flight attendants do? Navy? How blah! I love the more casual look that was still classy. Why not do some designs in SWA colors. Perhaps the flight attendants will "like" it, but as a customer, I just think drab and "same old" "same old". I could just as well be on Delta or American. Where's the fun? You wear drab and uncomfortable, then you look and act drab and uncomfortable. Not cool!
Explorer C
This is not better!! Yuck. I love the SW casual look. If flight attendants want an option it's ok, but I think no one should have to wear heels while running up and down the aisles serving people. Stay with Khaki's and sneakers.
Explorer C
I'm glad to read that Southwest is "taking it up" a notch. I am a true believer in "dressing to impress". I do think though, that it's going to look a little funny when the female attendants wear their dresses alongside their coworkers wearing shorts. As it currently stands, it looks weird when you have an attendant super dressed up in a sports jacket and tie (a little the over the top for Southwest IMHO) working next to someone who's on the opposite end of the spectrum in shorts and raggety tennis shoes.
Explorer C
I just caught a flight from Chicago Midway to Ohio and one of the flight attendants was wearing the blue dress and boots and WOW it looked awesome. I love Southwest. I also watched as a off duty pilot sitting by some ladies show why Southwest is so professional as he took the time after a long day of flying to answer these ladies questions about all sorts of flying stuff and he did it with complete attention to them and the utmost excellance.Thanks Pilot B
Explorer C
I rather disagree with the post about looking matronly and like "any other" f/a uniform... When I first saw the new dress, I asked the F/A on my flight about them, and she said she was IN LOVE with them (she did look nice in it as well)... she said the material is nice, they stay nice when being packed, and it's one-zip and zone to get ready (her words). So - aside from having to keep a supply of extra tights/hose handy, and keep a second pair of shoes to change into during service, it seems these are popular with the crew. Nice touch, SWA.
Explorer C
The new uniforms look great but I worry about the culture of the Company changing. I honestly feel that one of the big reasons that SWA has been so successful is that they have made the Company a "fun" place to work. There's nothing wrong with trying to be more professional but I can detect a change in the attitudes of the F/A's when they are wearing the uniforms. When in their khaki's and tennis shoes, they were comfortable and treated people as equals. I see a little "Delta or American" attitude creeping in. Please, please don't mess with the culture. I realize that you are not a small Company anymore but the dress has been one of the defining differences with SWA. But, I have to admit, I still miss the hot pants and go go boots.