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Totally Indy! Celebrating Two Decades of Awesomeness

Explorer C

Hello all! This is Boy George--er…Ray Buffington, blogging to you from Indianapolis, Indiana in light of a totally awesome occasion--Indy’s 20th Anniversary of service with Southwest Airlines!

SWA began service to IND April 3rd, two decades ago, as the 27th city in the Southwest Airlines system.

Like, how radical is that?

In celebration, Aqua Net is flowing aplenty, there are Scrunchies galore, and I think I may have even spotted a Def Leppard tattoo here at the Indianapolis International Airport. The 80's atmosphere is tangible with posters of Pretty in Pink and Dirty Dancing plastered to the windows, a group of vintage arcade games for Customers to play for free while they wait for the flights (including none other than the ultimate game of all games “Pacman")and a rad DJ who is spinning all of the 80's classics.

We’ve definitely gone Back to the…Past in honor of this amazing milestone.

More importantly, we’re celebrating the amazing work the Indianapolis Employees have contributed these past twenty years to making this city one of the most successful when it comes to Customer Service. Did you know that IND has a 7 to 1 ratio when it comes to Customer Commendations? Those numbers are tubular!

It’s a comfort that, while current times may be a little stormy, the strength, hard work, and LUV of Southwest Airlines’ loyal Employees Companywide will undoubtedly result in the Company’s perseverance. 

One thing is for certain--Indianapolis has some bodacious Employees. Check out their outfits below!


As a little treat for those of you who were unable to make the party, I’ve whipped up some savory Southwest Airlines lyrics to the tune to my--er…Boy George’s famous song “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?” Enjoy.

"Do you really want to pay hidden fees?

Do you really want to get nickel & dimed?

Southwest Airlines lets you fly with ease,

Just sit back, relax, and everything will be just fine.

Other airlines make you pay for courtesies,

We just don’t think that’s right.

Peanuts, soft drinks, and change fees are free,

Our job is to make sure we do you right."

This is Boy George--er…Ray Buffington, signing out. Happy Anniversary IND!!!


Explorer C
Thats awsome Congrats southwest.
Explorer C
SO do you guys have any special rates for this week to fly out of IND?? Im looking for one of those 79,89 or 99 flights from IND to Vegas on July 4th and back July 8th!!! Help us out!!!!! 🙂