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Twelve Dozen Donuts

Explorer C



I was headed out to Colorado to surprise my friend with a visit. I decided to have some fun, spread a little positivity, and start my trip right.



It's easier than most people think to brighten someones day, and I figured that a donut for everyone on our morning flight from Hartford, CT, to Chicago should do it.

Truth be told, I originally wanted to bring popsicles for everyone, but the logistics of that were a little too tricky! (Besides, who eats popsicles for breakfast?) I wasn't exactly sure where I was going to put 12 dozen donuts either but, as I boarded, the flight attendants matter-of-factly suggested the overhead compartments.

The crew was very helpful when it came time to pass the donuts out, and were kind enough to let me use the PA system as well. I've always had great experiences onboard Southwest and I hope that I was able to create a good memory for everyone involved that day.

Jason D.