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Volunteers of LUV

Explorer C

A recent Monday was the kind of day that reminds you of the good in the world and the kind of people that Southwest Airlines hires.  We held our second annual “Volunteers of LUV” ceremony where we honored 23 of our fellow Employees for the amazing work that they do in their communities by adding their names to our wall honoring volunteers. 

These people personify the saying, “Never underestimate the power of one person to make a difference.”


Each story was more spectacular than the next.  One recipient, Sarita Zouvas, has started Isabella’s Gift, a charity to raise money to fight cancer in children after losing her own four-year-old daughter to cancer.  One of our Pilots runs an all volunteer organization, Snowball Express, that raises money and donations to take families of fallen soldiers of Iraq to Southern California for an unforgettable, all expenses paid weekend of fun.  For many of these families, it is the first time that they have met someone else who has experienced the same lose of a mother or father in the war.  Last year, 400 families traveled from across the United States to enjoy Disney, parties, and fellowship.  Other recipients have collected money or volunteers to support many other charities such as Special Olympics or Ronald McDonald House.  One gentleman takes his dog out to visit and entertain patients.

It was an inspiring hour of stories and a great honor to celebrate these heroes disguised as ordinary people.  You can see in their eyes that they didn’t do it to be recognized or honored, but just because they want to do their part to make a difference and to give back.  We are very proud of our Volunteers of LUV and hope they keep up the great work and continue to inspire the rest of us to do our part too.


Explorer C
This is one thing I will miss from working at Southwest. Our little company has a BIG HEART and we care a lot about others. I know in the future that everyone that helps out will continue to do so threw many years. Thats our LUV showing. I'm still sad that I have left the company, but I'm running my own company now and its fun. With what I have learned at Southwest I will bring to my own company and we will live the Southwest way. I never thought the day would come for me to leave Southwest again, but after the family winning a lottery game and mom giving me $5.5 million of it sure changed my life. I will always fly Southwest and help keep our company going. I do pray that the LUV spirit continues to grow and that our company will make it threw this high fuel prices. Heck if I had more money I would have given it to the company for fuel and or pay off one of our many aircraft. To all my fellow coworkers keep your heads high and keep them cost down. Help keep Southwest going and going and going. Your all great and with this LUV we have along with what we do for others is awesome and that is the Spirit of Southwest.
Explorer B
That is Great. Ever Body should give Back