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We Got a Face Lift!

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Have you visited today? You might have noticed a whole
new look! We've revamped the homepage to make it easier for Customers
to find what they need.

The homepage now includes a navigation tool that's consistent
throughout the site. The navigation tool is meant to make booking
flights, hotels, and car rentals a snap! Here are a few more of the
exciting changes you will see:

• The homepage image and other features can be personalized and pre-populated to the user’s home airport. Saved searches make it easier for Customers to shop for flights, cars, and hotels.
• Customers can now easily plan any part of their trip directly from the homepage with new car and hotel booking widgets.
• New pages have been added to highlight how Southwest Airlines is different from its competitors.
• Every page of the site has updated, easy-to-use navigation and a search box to help users find exactly what they are looking for.
• Drop downs are available from the global navigation to help users get to interior pages faster.
• Every page now has a social media bar to help users engage with Southwest on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Nuts About Southwest.


These changes are a part of a larger effort to make a
full-service travel site.  We made some changes last year (like
TravelGuide and a new Special Offers page) and you can expect to
see a few more throughout 2010.

Stay tuned for an online scavenger hunt! Next week, we'll have a
contest to encourage fans to explore the new site and you could win
roundtrip tickets!

So there might be a sleek new look, but we've got the same low fares,
only on!

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At first glance, it looks good. I am not a big fan of change, so time will tell for me.
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Not exactly's been out there all day long. The team used to be more "on the ball", and would have released a comprehensive story that lined up better with the release. So, what gives? You guys not talking to your folks in Marketing anymore?
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Not a fan of the changes. I have been on the website more than 20 times in the past 2 days to check if there were any changes in flight availability. I'm still not liking the new look or the new way to do things. If it's not broke....don't "fix" it.
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This new way is really bad, I cant find anything. What was wrong with the other way? Is this just job security for the the web people?
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I just tried the new website and found it cumbersome and not user friendly whatsoever...why not ask the users for feedback? The old website worked very well and could be navigated's a shame that the change couldn't be a positive one. There's just too many problems to list here...
New Arrival
I hate it. Southwest has lost its KISS (Keep it Simple) ways. Can't wait for these marketing types to yuck up the Rapid Rewards next.
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Do NOT like the new site. The old one was clean and simple, this looks cluttered and not professional. The big issue, though, is that I cannot access the Southwest Airlines complete timetable/schedules PDF file. How can I find it now??
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Carl K, the pdf iles are still there. You can click on the "where we fly" link on the home page and it will take you to this page: The link to the pdf file is there.
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Too busy. I appreciate the more dynamic feel, but way too much there. I like the new top bar but then the remainder of the page looks like it belongs to a totally different site. If it were me, I would move the Reservation Form back to the right column, and as the first item. Then style the right column to match with the top bar. Glue it together and make it task driven. If a person has made it to the site, the battle is half won, now you need to make it easy for them to make a reservation and get pertinent info. My two cents.
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What happened to "My Southwest"? It is not readily apparent where it is - or where it went.
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*Really* dislike your new site! It is so jumbled and junky-looking now, I can't believe Southwest would go this route. It's left me searching to find what was once *very* clear, quick and easy for my travel objectives online. You've gone from user friendly to a mess, in my opinion. --Certainly not characteristic of anything Southwest normally does. I'm disappointed and unpleasantly surprised for the first time in my favorite airline.
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Anonymous said: "What happened to "My Southwest"? It is not readily apparent where it is - or where it went." That appears to be one area where they've made a significant improvment. Look at the right sidebar...."My Account" is a login widget on almost every page. Much easier to find now! Interline Travel