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Re: 737-700 and kiddos

Aviator A

@ApplePair wrote:

Hi! So… according to the measurements it should fit, but… it doesn’t. Which is a huge bummer because it’s so easy to roll it down the aisle when it fits! 

My technique is to use it like a stroller down the jet bridge. Then I’ve kept the wheels down going down the aisle (that way I doesn’t have to worry about hitting people with the wheels sticking out) and carry it down the aisle.


I baby wear to get through security (the Doona does fit through the security scanner, you have to collapse it and then put the handlebar at all the way to the back of the seat and it fits upside down on the belt, just fyi) but I put her in the Doona before we get on board. That way when you get to your seat you just have to collapse the wheels and strap the Doona in. It fits in the seat, but I don’t think it fits in the bulkhead because the arm rests are fixed. The person in front of you won’t be able to recline their seat, so just know you could make someone mad, but hopefully you don’t get a grouch or the flight isn’t too full. 🤞🏼You probably know this, but the car seat does need to go in the window seat. 

Safe travels! If you have anything else I can help with I’m happy to try, it’s hard to find help about car seat travel on airplanes!

The exit row seats are not able to recline, so the row behind the exit rows would be perfect for this. (Besides being at the widest part of the airplane which may make the seats feel roomier.

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