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Bag transfer for two separate SW flights

Explorer C
Hi there, We're traveling to Honolulu from Hartford. However, when booking our trip, we weren't able to book from Hartford to Honolulu, so we had to book one flight to Oakland, and a second flight to Honolulu. If we check bags in Hartford, do we need to recheck our bags in Oakland?

Re: Bag transfer for two separate SW flights

Aviator A

No. Take a look at this thread for more details.



Re: Bag transfer for two separate SW flights

Aviator A

Are both flights booked on the same reservation? If so they should be able to check it all the way to HNL although you will need to visit the full service ticket counter just explain to the agent your final destination is HNL. 


If you are booked on 2 seperate confirmation numbers they might still be able to do it just let the agent at the full service counter know both flights are booked separately and they might be able to do an override and check it all the way. 


Hope this helps