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Great service from Eilish

Explorer C

I was returning home to Chicago from Orlando on flight #102 this evening.  I was in the A group and quickly got seated in the plane when I realized I left my iPad at the gate where I was seated.  I got up midway through the boarding process and let the flight attendant, Eilish, know of my situation. She made me aware that they couldn’t let me off the plane at that time but the pilot (who was already seated in the cockpit) would go out to look for my iPad.  I went back to my seat thinking it was a lost cause and somebody probably picked it up.  As boarding was almost complete and I’m trying to calculate in my head what I needed to do to make sure my info was safe on the iPad, Eilish waved to me to come up.  They had retrieved my iPad with the help of the gate attendant.  Thank you for going above and beyond!!! 


Re: Great service from Eilish

Aviator A

This is great, you should write to Southwest directly so they can know about the great service.

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