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Group C out of LGB

Explorer C

Hello. We checked in for our flight at the correct time and find our family of 4 in Group C out of LGB to DAL. While I can stick it out and sit in a middle I am concerned with my 12 year old son sitting alone in between god knows who and separated from me, his dad and older brother by several rows. Do you think I'll have any luck getting him and one companion able to board earlier if I speak to the gate agent? I tried paying for the upgraded boarding but it says there is non left. 


Re: Group C out of LGB

Aviator A

I believe LGB is an airport where they board from both front and back and a lot of people try to rush the front maybe you can be the few who make the run for the back door and maybe the last couple rows will have a few seats available since that longer line of people trying to get the front will move slower 


you can always ask for extra time boarding maybe they can help which is between A and B groups or check back later to see if you can upgrade boarding for 1 person and then save a seat