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Frequent Flyer A

My turn to rant. I am/was flying FLL-MCO-OKC today. The FLL-MCO flight was canceled. I get through on the phone at 3:30 this morning. They change my reservation so that we are just doing the not canceled MCO-OKC flight. 
I rent a car and drive to MCO to be told that the plane had been downgraded, and we are now standby (AL+ doesn’t help). If we do not make it, we will be IDB and be compensated accordingly. Not that our flight is canceled, we just don’t have a seat. Next possible flight is, of course, Saturday. Wait. Actually, I have a seat, but my wife and 10 year old daughter do not. So, if they do not make it on the flight, I will have to leave them behind or voluntarily give up my seat with no compensation. 
So, defend Southwest if you wish. I always have in the past. Not today. I hope the DOT screws them hard. 
Sold my SWA stock at a loss last year. Dodged a bullet. 



Aviator A

Yep same situation happened to my mom however she didn’t find out until boarding they told her your not on this flight and when she got to the gate agent they were able to get her a seat but it was rough 


hopefully it works out or even if you get 2 of you on the flight it will be easier to rebook 1 instead of 3